Kokan Darshan Tour Packages

A short trip can give you a lot of happiness. And if the visited place has natural beauty, then there is no comparison of the journey. If you are looking for a natural beauty place, Kokan is the right place.

The Kokan or Konkan is a god gifted land located between western ghat and the Arabic sea of the west coastline. Kokan is truly an amazing place for nature lovers. You can relax on the beaches and enjoy the beautiful waterfall here.

Overview of Kokan Darshan 

Kokan is known as a slice of paradise in Maharashtra. The place stretches from goa to Mumbai. If you go for Kokan darshan, you will see areas situated in Mumbai and Pune.

You will fall in love with a little village with coconut trees, greenery, and hills. The beautiful beach will take your breath. If you love the beach, then you have to visit Konkan. The golden sand and blue sea will win your heart.

Take some days off and book a Kokan tour package. Visit koken with your family, or alone, you will love it.

What a Kokan tour packages have?

If you plan to Kokan darshan from Mumbai, you must know what a package tour includes.

  • You can go for Ganesh darshan.
  • Visit Vijaydurga fort.
  • You can also explore the Davgad wax museum.
  • Kunkeshwar Temple and beach.
  • Explore wooden factory.
  • A Kokan tour package has so many beaches to visit.
  • Konkan tourism package

If you want to visit kokan, then weekdays are best. You can see forts and beaches in this beautiful land. So if you’re going to see the enchanting place with koken line, then this tur can excite for you.

You can discover a lot of captive views in the koken darshan. You will find yourself surrendering to beauty while visiting the Kokan.

So if you are looking for a Kokan darshan tour package, you can take our help. We are providing a Konkan tourism package at a very affordable price.

Book a Konkan tourism package according to your need?

Explore the Konkan by taking a tour package from us. We book your package according to your need. We give you the best offer according to your budget. You can fix travel days according to you, like if you want a two-day trip or a five-day trip. It depends upon you how many days you choose to enjoy Kokan.

5 Night in Kokan

Spend five nights in Kokan if you want to take a wonderful experience. You can go fishing here on the beaches. If you’re going to enjoy the sunset, then this place is for you. Apart from natural beauty, the site has a great history. A peak in the culture and living way of villagers will fascinate you. To make your holiday perfect, you can book a package from us. We are providing a trip of 5 nights in Kokan. You can contact us to know more.

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